Why Black Spades is the Game for You!


  • Authenticity

    Black Spades is the only game on iPhone and Android that has the rules you grew up with — Reneg, Jokers, Deuces, Blinds and more.

  • Design & Gameplay

    Black Spades was created for spades players on all levels. From the beginner playing at home, to the expert playing on the go, our game was designed to get you straight to the action with no gimmicks.

  • Social Sharing

    Black Spades was created to easily show off your spades skills with friends and family. Share status updates, screenshots and videos of your game play!

The Spades Game You’ve Been Waiting For

In addition to an authentic rule set, realistic game play and social media connectivity, Black Spades is packed full of subtle details that make it a must-have game. Be sure to check the House Rules and Settings once you have downloaded the game. You will not be disappointed!

Download Black Spades